Noreen Lenahan Bardi saw life in black & white - with no gray area.  She believed that if you wanted

something in life, you earned it. She believed that there is no substitution for hard work.  She believed

that if you tried hard enough at something, then you will succeed. She did not believe in hand outs or

participation trophies for the team.  She ALWAYS kept score, and she would NEVER let anyone win.

She believed that every kid should play a sport - regardless of which game. She believed that

participation makes every kid a winner, but not necessarily a trophy recipient. The trophy is reserved

for first place, a recognition for a goal accomplished through hard work.

She believed falling short of 1st place awarded a much more valuable prize, the motivation to improve, the drive to work harder and the desire to be a champion. She believed that once a child had a taste of that passion, he or she would never lose it and it would prove to be the motivation that drove them to succeed in every aspect of his or her life.

   It was this motivation, passion and desire to defeat cancer that kept Noreen fighting like a champion through her very last breath.

To forever honor her memory & show that her hard work did indeed pay off, the Noreen Lenahan Bardi Foundation was established.

In an attempt to bring her simple but powerful creed of "hard work pays off" to a generation of children that she believed needed to hear it most, the Noreen Lenahan Bardi Foundation will not provide hand outs or participation trophies but rather plans to foster the facilitation of funds needed in order to maintain, improve and increase the community youth athletic programs of Bucks County.

Her legacy of a lifetime of hard work will live on, enabling kids the chance to reap the benefits of both winning & losing the game.